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If someone mentions "Abbey Road" I think it's fair to say that most of us think of a certain zebra crossing made famous by four even more famous lads called The Beatles.

Tourists flock to the street near Abbey Road Studios in North West London to step in the footsteps of their heroes, and the crossing even has it's own webcam.

The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover Credit: .

What perhaps isn't so well known is the other Abbey Road - you know, that one in West Ham 10 miles away? No, I hadn't heard of it either but, as of August 2011, there is now a DLR stop called Abbey Road (in West Ham). Rather confused and lost tourists have been spotted in the area looking for the famous zebra crossing only to be directed on a long and winding road to St John's Wood. We've sent Piers Hopkirk on a magical mystery tour to investigate (ok, enough of the Beatles puns).

In other news we've been hearing about new standards to try and ensure hospital patients receive enough nutritious food, following the death of a man in a south London hospital. 22 year old Kane Gorny died of dehydration at St Georges Hospital in Tooting in May 2009. We've been to St Albans too today where bereaved families have received a letter from the council warning them not to exceed new limits on where to place flowers on graves. We've also been along the banks of the Regent's Canal to mark 200 years since work began to build it - a feat which took 8 years. Volunteers and fundraisers have chosen the occasion to give it a bit of a makeover.

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