Ealing woman bids for sailing record

Jeanne Socrates. Credit: London Tonight

A woman from Ealing has started her bid to sail into the record books.

At the age of 69 Jeanne Socrates from Ealing is aiming to become the first woman to sail around the world alone, nonstop and unassisted.

Watch this London Tonight report from 4th September 2009 on Jeanne Socrates.

Now Ms Socrates is starting her third attempt at a nonstop, unassisted, solo circumnavigation on from the Victoria Harbour entrance.

She said she has had a lot of practical help and messages of support from many different people, both in the UK, North America and elsewhere.

She will be sailing west towards the Pacific and then south west to get well offshore before heading south towards Cape Horn, which is two months away.

Her boat Nereida has been well-prepared over the last two months and has had a lot of attention to detail.

She wants to return to the UK by next June and hopes there are not too many incidents on the way. She said she is looking forward to completing the trip

To discover how she has already made a bit of history on the sea and what has inspired her to attempt this remarkable voyage visit her website where she will be posting regular reports and positions.

Her my position will also be posted automatically via her AIS transmission here.