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Lewisham playgroup is easy target for cuts

Sign outside Telegraph Hill playgroup in Lewisham. Photo: London Tonight

It's hard to know where cuts to children's services have the greatest impact. The initial impression on arriving at the Telegraph Hill playgroup in Lewisham this morning was of well-dressed parents and carers with well-behaved children, surrounded by large, smart, Edwardian houses and a lovely park.

But a few minutes of talking to them all left me with a different attitude. Lewisham has its share of much poorer households - single parents who struggle with loneliness and inexperience for example; depressed parents who barely make ends meet.

At Telegraph Hill council playgroup everyone becomes together and better off families mix with others - confident mums advise those who don't know where to start.

This playgroup is an easy target for cuts but it may well be the kind of place that prevents family breakdowns which ultimately would be of much greater cost to the community at large.