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London WW2 Blitz map is live

Bom Sight website. Photo: Bomb Sight

Historians have created an interactive map showing where bombs fell on London during the Second World War.

Bomb Sight is a website and android app that allows you to find locations, dates and types of bomb that fell during the Blitz over eight months.

Damage caused by bombs dropped in Central London in 1944. Credit: PA

The year-long project was created by education charity Jisc using data from the National Archives.

The interactive map also lets people find out the kinds of bombs that fell.

You can zoom in to specific streets on the map, which uses red dots to show where each bomb came down.

Watch this video on how to use the Bomb Sight website:

Over 20,000 people were killed and 1.4m people were made homeless in the Blitz, which happened between 7 September 1940 and 11 May 1941.

The website has had some technical problems because of the large amount of users.