Results today from the 2011 census show rises in the number of people living in the capital who were actually born outside the UK, making 'White British' the minority in London.

It also shows that in Barking and Dagenham, there's been the biggest increase in black, African and Carribean residents in the whole of country.

  • In 2001 around 27% of the capital's population were born outside the UK.

  • By 2011 this had grown to over a third. (37%)

  • Of these foreign-born residents, the largest proportion have come from India. (3%)

  • Closely followed by Poland (2%) with half of London's foreign residents having arrived between 2001 and 2011.

  • There has also been a change to the ethnicity in and around London according the the survey.

  • Last year 45% (3.7 million in 2011) declared their ethnicity and ' White English/ Welsh/ Scottish/ Northern Irish/ British' as apposed to 58% 11 years ago (4.76 million on 2001).