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Martin Stew. Photo: London Tonight

Weather wise we’ve had a really settled start to 2013. We’re in an area of high pressure at the moment, which means the mild, cloudy and dry conditions we’ve had today are going to stick around until the start of next week.

2012 on the other hand was far from settled. You may have heard on the News that it was the second wettest year in the UK since records began in 1910. In fact it was the wettest year England has ever recorded – and the South East was no exception.

We had 999.7mm of rain fall, that’s 27% more than average. It rained (more than a millimetre) on 141 days and we had 2% less hours of sunshine than expected.

Temperatures were just 0.1 degree below the average and we had air frost on 47 days. The hottest day was the 18th of August when temperatures got up to 30.5 degrees in Graves End in Kent. The coldest was February the 11th when it got down to -10.5 degrees in Wisley in Surrey.

All in all it was a year of extremes.

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