150 years of the Tube quiz

The underground turns 150 this week, but which is the highest station? Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire

150 years of the Tube quiz

  • 1 - what is the longest distance you can spend underground in one journey?

  • 2 - how many mice are estimated to live in the underground system?

  • 3 - which famous radio voice tells you to "mind the gap" on the Piccadilly Line?

  • 4 - the name 'Viking' was proposed for which line?

  • 5 - name three disused or 'ghost' stations where TV filming takes place?

  • 6 - how far is it between the network's two nearest adjacent stations?

  • 7 - in which direction, north, south, east or west, does the tube extend furthest?

  • 8 - on which line is the deepest part of the underground?

  • 9 - which station is the highest above sea level?

  • 10 - in which year was the first escalator installed?

All the answers to the quiz questions can be found in our Tube facts updates from throughout the day.