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Call for independent review of Mayor's policing figures

Mayor Boris Johnson has been accused of "fudging the figures". Photo: Bowtie

A bitter row erupted over police numbers in London after mayor Boris Johnson was accused of fudging the figures.

An independent watchdog has been asked to investigate after Mr Johnson clashed with members of the London Assembly during a heated debate about his Police and Crime plan.

Labour's Joanne McCartney claimed the mayor's headcount of officers was "out by 1,100".

She told the mayor: "You have not enlightened us".

Mr Johnson replied: "It is very difficult to enlighten someonewho refuses to be enlightened."

Green assembly member Jenny Jones said: "This seems like a dry academic debate about numbers but what is at the heart of it Mr Mayor, is whether your office has fudged the figures."

She added: "I would call it cheating."

Mr Johnson insisted the number ofofficers in the London boroughs would increase by 1,182 by 2015.

He told the committee: "Quite exceptionally in this country, you have got an increase in neighbourhood policing."

And in a withering put-down to Labour's McCartney he said: "I cannot help your confusion Joanne if you refuse to be unconfused."

Labour wants the UK Statistics Authority to investigate the mayor's figures.