London - the 360 degree view

The London eye - a 360 degree view from the BT Tower. Credit: BT

An image taken from the top of the BT Tower has set a record for the world's largest panoramic photo. It comprises more than 48 000 frames collated into a single panorama and allows the viewer to zoom in to see incredible detail. It captures the capital as it was just after the 2012 Olympics in the summer.

The picture took several months to create due to the scale of the endeavour. If printed at normal photographic resolution, it would be 98 meters across and 24 meters tall, almost as big as Buckingham Palace. In comparison, the last record attempt for a London panorama was 80 gigapixels, taken from Centrepoint in 2010.

An image caputured for the panorama. Credit: BT
Rays of sunshine fall on the capital in the view from the tower. Credit: BT
It took three days to shoot all the images. Credit: BT
The pictures were taken from the 29th floor of the BT Tower Credit: BT