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London's slowest roads in rush hour

The survey found Jamaica Road has the slowest rush hour in the country. Photo: ITN

A new survey has found that nine of the ten slowest roads to travel on in the country during the morning rush hour are in London. The GPS firm RAM Tracking found that cars using Jamaica Road in Southwark between 8am and 9am last month averaged just 0.08 miles an hour. An average pedestrian would walk about forty times faster.

Second on the list is Bedford Road in Clapham where the average speed was 0.13mph, followed by Greenhill Way in Harrow and Queen Anne's Gate in Westminster.

The firm's managing director Chris McClellan said: "Our findings have revealed what a phenomenal amount of time many business drivers waste when travelling during the breakfast rush hour."

Here is the list of the worst ten in the country:

  • Jamaica Road, Southwark - 0.08mph
  • Bedford Road, Clapham - 0.13mph
  • Greenhill Way, Harrow - 0.25mph
  • Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster - 0.25mph
  • Stockley Road, Hillingdon - 0.57mph
  • West Thurrock Road, Thurrock - 0.64mph
  • Ilderton Road, Southwark - 0.65mph
  • Park Way, Manchester - 0.69mph
  • Wellesley Road, Croydon - 1.14mph
  • Woolwich Common, Woolwich - 1.43mph