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Clare's weather blog for Sunday 31 March

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Despite the chill, it's great to report a mostly dryand bright Bank holiday weekend.

Cold and bright

It's always a pleasure to view a satellite picture of the Southeast on a Bank Holiday weekend and see clear skies, a rarity looking back at the past year

However this holiday weekend we have been graced by some sunshine as well - it's just a shame that temperatures continue to reflect early February,rather than the last days of March.

Little change

The rest of this Easter weekend remains dry and cold. The cloud may build during the day, and could produce a wintry flurry, but this will be the exception rather than the rule.

Temperatures for Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday will reach 7C by day, but fall rapidly overnight to lows of minus 3C. This means a frosty morning tomorrow, but at least it will be bright.

Week ahead

Next week remains dry, breezy and cold with a little sunshine at times - although quite a lot of cloud as well.

Currently there is no significant rain expected for the week ahead, and temperatures will continue to struggle.

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