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What is gastroparesis?

Sophie Mattes had to be fed through a stomach tube after being diagnosed with the condition. Photo: ITN

Gastroparesis is a chronic condition which prevents your stomach emptying itself normally. It is caused by damage to the nerves in the stomach which stops food passing through the stomach properly.

People with gastroparesis often feel sick and pain, but they also feel full after eating very little. As a result, they struggle to eat properly and lose weight. In many cases, the cause of gastroparesis is unknown though it can be triggered by other medical conditions.

Patients with possible gastroparesis could require tests in a hospital to see how quickly they digest food.

Gastroparesis cannot usually be cured but patients can deal with it by eating smaller meals several times a day. They can also eat foods with are easier to digest.

For more information on gastroparesis, you can visit the NHS website.