Chelsea Flower Show: Vote for the plant of the centenary

Chelsea Flower Show: Vote for plant of the centenary Credit: RHS Lindley Library

Vote for the plant of the centenary

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Chelsea Flower Show the RHS are asking you to help chose their centenary plant.

Ten amateur gardens have each chosen their favourite, one to represent each decade the show has been running.

The shortlisted plants are all still growing today and are readily available for UK gardeners. To vote for your favourite from the shortlist, click here.

Here are the 10 finalists to chose from:

1913 - 1922: Saxifraga 'Tumbling Waters'

Rosettes of silvery foliage topped with magnificent arching spikes of frothy white flowers. Rasied in 1913 by renowned rock garden specialist Captain Symons-Jeune, it won the Award of Merit in 1920.

Plant Champion: Sergeant Stan Peppar, 92, from London

1923 - 1932: Pieris formosa var forrestii Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1923 - 1932: Pieris formosa var forrestii

Introduced by Victorian plant hunter George Forrest, this elegant evergreen shrub made its debut at Chelsea in 1924. It has brilliant red young growth and large, slightly fragrant flower panicles.

Plant champion: John Burwell, 82, from Southampton

1933 - 1942: Lupinus Russell group Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1933 - 1942: Lupinus Russell group

Decades of work by plant breeders trying to increase the colour range of lupins were rendered superfluous by George Russell, who in 1938 revealed the rainbow palette of lupin cultivars he had bred. Chelsea visitors were dazzled by the Baker's Nursery display of these plants in 1939.

Plant Champion: Iris Chapman, 78 from Wrotham

1943 - 1952: Rhododendron yakushimanum Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1943 - 1952: Rhododendron yakushimanum

An evergreen species with bell-shaped white flowers, this plant was discovered on the Japanese island of Yakushima. The plants were first exhibited at Chelsea in 1947. This species has been hugely influential in the development of rhododendrons for smaller gardens.

Plant Champion: Rodney Tucker, 70 from Hemel Hempstead

Plant Champion: Dorothy Wood, 59 from Hornchurch Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1953 - 1962: Rosa 'Iceberg'

This pure white Floribunda, from German rose breeder Reimer Kordes, stole the show at Chelsea in 1958. It is probably still one of the best-known of all roses.

Plant Champion: Dorothy Wood, 59 from Hornchurch

1963 - 1972: Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder' Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1963 - 1972: Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder'

A small tree with snowy white bracts in May and brilliant autumn colour. Bred by Canadian nurseryman Henry M Eddie, it won Chelsea's Award of Merit in 1972.

Plant Champion: Gareth Manning, 47 from Reading

1973 - 1982: Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve' Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1973 - 1982: Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve'

This perennial grows up to 75cm high, has mauve flowers and glaucous leaves and can flower for almost the whole year. An Award of Garden Merit plant, it was named in honour of the plantsman E A Bowles and was first shown at Chelsea in 1982.

Plant Champion: Michaela Worthington, 37 from Bradford

1983 - 1992: Heuchera villosa 'Palace Purple' Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1983 - 1992: Heuchera villosa 'Palace Purple'

Shown first at Chelsea in 1983, this plant was raised and selected from seed sent from America. It was the first heuchera to become widely popular as a flowering foilage plant, strting one of the major plant fashions of the last quarter century.

Plant Champion: Felicity Crabb, 26 from Christchurch

1993 - 2002: Geranium wallichianum 'Rozanne' Credit: RHS Lindley Library

1993 - 2002: Geranium wallichianum 'Rozanne'

Exhibited first in 2000, this geranium is tall and fast-growing, with violet-blue flowers streaked with red. It is probably the best known hardy geranium cultivar.

Plant Champion: Henry Grub, 15 from east Grinstead

2003 - 2012 Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Blue' Credit: RHS Lindley Library

2003 - 2012 Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Blue'

Raised by Lynne Dibley of Dibleys Nurseries and making its debut at Chelsea in 2010, 'Harlequin Blue' has short flower stems and compact leaves. This plant won the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year award in 2010.

Plant Champion: Rosie Ghuman, age 8 from London