Cycle safety: Other technologies in test

Credit: ITN

With the Mayor of London encouraging us all to use two wheels rather than four, we are often reminded how vulnerable cyclists can be on the Capital's roads. Now a number of measures are being tested to improve cyclist safety. One is a Dutch-style roundabout segregates cyclists and motorists with a separate lane.

This simulator has been designed to test drivers' reactions when crossing a segregated cycle way. Our reporter Nick Thatcher tests it out.

These dedicated low-level cycle signals could improve safety at junctions.

Technology may have a solution for cyclists caught in a lorry's blind spot too. Here a tag on the bike sends a radio frequency to a detection reader on the vehicle which alerts the driver in the cab.

A tag on the handlebars would send a message to the driver of a passing lorry Credit: ITN
The image represented in the driver's cab Credit: ITN

Any measures adopted could be tested on London's roads as early as next year.