Cycle safety in the capital

In busy London traffic, cyclists are more vulnerable than ever Credit: ITN

Cycling in London:

How many people cycle in London?

With petrol and public transport costs increasing, more Londoners are taking to their bikes than ever before. From 2000 to 2012, the number of journeys made by bicycle every day has doubled, rising to over 540, 000.

How dangerous is cycling in the capital?

Last year, 14 cyclists died in London. Transport for London has issued [safety advice to cut the number of casualties and minimise the risks associated with cycling in the capital.

A study of cycling deaths released in 2010]( said "Freight vehicles over 3.5 tonnes continue to present a disproportionate threat; they should be removed from urban roads and more appropriate means of delivery of essential goods found."

Future plans for cycling in London:

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, plans to increase cycling numbers by 400% from 2001 levels by 2026. His plans to transform cycling in the city are set out in the Cycling Revolution London strategy, published in 2010.

The strategy aims to:

-make sure cycling is recognised as a major transport mode right across the capital, from central London to the outer boroughs-create streets and spaces where everyone respects each other's right to use the road, where they stick to the rules of the road, and where everyone recognises their duty of care to other road users

-reduce in cycling casualties, with a particular focus on reducing the risk of collisions between cyclists and HGVs

-increase in secure cycle-parking on streets, in workplaces, and at stations and schools

-reduce cycle theft tackled through dedicated police attention so that people can be confident that they'll find their bike where they locked it

-promote cycling as an enjoyable, everyday, healthy activity

-embed cycling into the way our city is planned and run

-maxismise investment in cycling - from both the private and public sectors

-get key partners working together to deliver cycling initiatives

-provide new routes and opportunities for commuting, leisure and local cycling trips

Cycling in Paris:

How safe is cycling in Paris?

Cycling groups were alarmed when figures revealed that in 2011 - a year in which not one died on Paris roads - 16 cyclists died in London. Last year a number of Newspapers reported that cyclists in one area of the French city are permitted to ride through red lights in a three year trial that claims it would cut the number of accidents. If they're turning right or going straight ahead, some councils have allowed cyclists to go through red lights.

**Cycling in Moscow:


How many people cycle in Moscow?

Moscow is renowned for it's congestion, prompting a growing portion of the population to take to two wheels. But it doesn't come without it's dangers, as one cyclist who writes in the Indian Express can contest. Despite this, cycling is now on Moscow's agenda, largely to ease congestion and make the city safer. The city government has earmarked more than 600 million rubles to increasing the number of cycle paths and bike racks over the next four years.