TfL warns of dangers of unlicensed limos

Firefighters practise freeing injured passengers from a limousine. Credit: ITN

Transport for London has urged partygoers to take care when hiring a limousine to celebrate a special event. In March last year, it began to crack down on unlicensed limo drivers in London. So far, 27 vehicles have been seized.

TfL is warning partygoers to make certain checks before they hire a limo:

  • Is the driver licensed to drive the vehicle?

  • Are you booking through a licensed limousine office or a legal broker?

  • Do the vehicle and driver have the correct insurance?

  • Has the vehicle been built and maintained properly?

  • When the limousine arrives, check the driver knows your name and destination. You should also check his photo ID.

You can go to the TFL website for more information and to check whether limousine operators are working legally.