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Londoners endure longest commuting times in UK

Londoners spend the longest time commuting and then work more than anyone else while they do so Photo: Reuters

Londoners have the longest commuting times compared to everywhere else in the UK and according to research published today they also spend more time working as they travel too.

Commuters living in and around London spend an average of 56 minutes a day getting to and from their places of work. The least amount of time spent commuting is by workers living in Wales who spend just 28 minutes on average.

The research which was carried out by recruitment company Randstad Financial & Professional found that on average a London worker has to travel 15 miles a day, only commuters in Wales and Yorkshire and Humberside have shorter distances to cover.

London commuters spend the longest amount of time commuting in the UK

The research also found that one in four Londoners use a car to travel to and from work, while 24% use the London Underground, 17% choose to make their way by bus and 13% rely on the train.

Unsurprisingly London has one of the highest proportions of commuters who cycle to and from work with only the East Midlands having a higher proportion of cycling-commuters at 4.3%.

The economic downturn has affected commuting trends in the capital according to the findings as workers in London now travel three miles less on average compared with 2008, before the recession took hold.

24% of London commuters use the London Underground Credit: PA

However, average commuting times have remained unchanged over the same period at 56 minutes.

This suggests Londoners have not only moved closer to their places of work, or found jobs closer to home, but they are now using slower and possibly cheaper, modes of transport.

The cost of a seven day travel card for zones 1-4 has risen 26% over this period .

Nearly one in five workers in and around London feel under pressure to work while they commute
The research has found Londoners are now using slower and possibly cheaper, modes of transport Credit: PA

So what do Londoners do while they travel to and from work? Well, according to the research it is all about work despite being outside the workplace.

Nearly one in five workers in and around London feel under pressure to work while they commute, while one in ten say if they did not work when travelling they would be unable to perform their job effectively.

Over a quarter say it is thanks to new technology such as smartphones and tablets that has allowed them to be more productive on their commute.