"I can only say how sorry we are"

Ronke Phillips Credit: ITN

After a search lasting three days - in a city with an estimated population of 20 million people - I managed to find the home of the grandmother of Michael Adebowale, one of the suspected killers of Drummer Lee Rigby.

The house is in the Maryland district of Lagos, a well to do area full of large gated houses and duplexes.

To our disappointment his grandmother was away but one of Adebowale's cousins was at home and we managed to have quite an extensive conversation with her.

She told us her name is Toyin and that her mother and Adebowale's father are brother and sister.

Toyin said as soon as she saw the ITV news footage she recognised her cousin straight away.

The entire family was shocked and disturbed at what they were watching.

She said her grandmother is fine but very, very upset.

She went on to to offer a heartfelt apology to Lee Rigby's family. She said,

"I can only say how sorry we are for the family. It's not easy losing someone really. We really sympathise with the victim's family"

Toyin said she did not know how her cousin had become radicalised, the last time she saw him he was a good, calm easy going young man.

The killing of Drummer Rigby is big news in Nigeria because both the suspected killers have their roots in the country. Even though they weren't born there people feel the incident will affect the country's image.

The actions of the pair were condemned by both Christian and Muslim leaders in Lagos. Rev Ladi Thompson who advises churches on counter terrorism said he felt London is creating a wealth of disillusioned young people and that the capital is the perfect recruiting ground for extremists.

He called on something to be done before there is another atrocity.