Friendly anteater gets minder

Tammy the tree climbing ant eater waiting to welcome visitors to the zoo Credit: ZSL London Zoo

A fun-loving anteater is to get her own minder during a series of late night events at ZSL London Zoo this summer.

Twelve-year-old Tammy the tree-climbing anteater is famed for her friendly disposition - and with a fondness for ambling around the public walkways of her exhibit after hours, she's sure to be greeting visitors at the Zoo Lates events.

But with naturally poor eyesight, tree-climbing anteaters have a tendency to be on the clumsy side - and Tammy is no exception.

To safeguard the fluffy blonde and black creature and stop her from bumping into any of the visitors, zookeepers will be giving Tammy a helping pair of hands.

Tree climbing anteaters are at their most active in the early morning and evening, meaning that Zoo Lates are the perfect opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with Tammy.

She lives in the Zoo's rainforest exhibit, which dispenses with the traditional barriers between visitors and animals, allowing visitors to share the same environment as the animals.