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Ambulance deliveries put London hospitals under pressure

The ten busiest A&Es in the capital receive a combined average of 929 admissions by ambulance per day.

Queen’s hospital in Romford is the busiest casualty department, with 39,994 patients brought by ambulance.

That figure is almost 15% higher than last year, and represents an average of 110 a day.

St Thomas’ in Lambeth, Northwick Park in Harrow and Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich all handled more than 35,000 cases a year.

It is feared Woolwich could receive thousands more cases if Lewisham hospital A&E is downgraded.

But the 747,034 (a 3.7% annual rise) people taken to hospital by ambulance in the year to May is only a fraction of the 4.5 million people who turn up at London's 29 casualty departments every year.

"Demand for our Service continues to rise and we are attending 12.2 per cent more patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries than last year. But not everyone who calls 999 will get an ambulance. People with less serious illnesses and injuries may be given clinical advice over the phone and, although we attend just under 1.1m incidents every year we only take 747,000 patients to A&E."

– Paul Gates, London Ambulance Service

Ten busiest A&Es:

  • Queen's, Romford: 39,994 admissions by ambulance = avg 110 per day
  • St Thomas': 37,916 = avg 104 per day
  • Northwick Park: 35,811 = avg 98 per day
  • Queen Elizabeth: 35,144 = avg 96 per day
  • Croydon University Hospital: 33,518 = avg 92 per day
  • King's College: 33,025 = avg 90 per day
  • St George's: 32,884 = avg 90 per day
  • North Middlesex: 30,687 = avg 84 per day
  • Royal London: 30,512 = avg 84 per day
  • Whipps Cross: 29, 578 = avg 81 per day