Unique maps of London's Underground

The Underground in a new light Credit: Bruno Imbrizi

See the London Underground as you never have before - with a unique new artwork which maps out the tubes in real-time.

The creation, designed by London developer Bruno Imbrizi, uses data from Transport for London to follow the routes that criss-cross the city under our streets.

In different colours, his map unravels the maze of tunnels and the tubes that traverse them - carrying around 4 million passengers through the city every day.

The 3D map on his website allows you to add different routes and lines, pointing out stations and tracking the tubes as they pass through them.

Users can rotate the map, and find the depths of the different tunnels.

By using different mouse controls, visitors to Bruno's site can travel deeper into the network by zooming in.

Earlier this year, Transport for London released tube data in the hope developers would use it to create apps for ease of travel in the capital, but Bruno's taken it a step further by turning the tube network into art.