Hammersmith and Fulham Council is a fierce critic of Thames Water's planned Tideway Tunnel, saying the main construction site will blight the Fulham riverside. It argues that there are much cheaper and greener alternatives available.

But Thames Water insists the tunnel is the best solution to stop sewage being pumped into the Thames when it rains heavily.

The council says:

Thames Water's planning application shows 24 building sites along the Thames including the main construction site at Carnwath Road on the Fulham riverside. South Fulham is set to bear the brunt of the disruption from major excavation work, which is expected to last seven years as well as the residue from the foul air that will be constantly expelled from the site 24/7 once construction is completed.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council Leader, Cllr Nicholas Botterill, said:

"This is a truly startling revelation from one of the country's leading and most respected waste water experts. It completely blows the lid off Thames Water's justification for the costly white elephant that is the Thames Tunnel. "Instead of expecting 14 million hard-pressed customers to foot the bill for this grandiose vanity project, Thames Water should have spent some of their vast profits maintaining their sewer network responsibly and sensibly over the last 25 years. "The estimated cost of the Thames Tunnel has nearly tripled since it was first proposed and its colossal cost no longer justifies the fairly modest benefits - especially when there are cheaper, greener, more modern, more socially acceptable and less disruptive alternatives."