As London Underground celebrates its 150th anniversary, things could be a lot different for the next big milestone. Siemens, which makes carriages for the Tube network, has released its vision of future travel. Lighter, more energy efficient and fully air conditioned.

A prototype is being showcased next week at the Crystal exhibition centre in the Royal Victoria Docks. Take a look at their concept model below.

London, in common with many large cities around the world, faces significant transport challenges as a result of ongoing population growth and increased capacity demands.

Made of sustainable material and is 95% recyclable Credit: Siemens AG
Adheres to the latest safety standards Credit: Siemens AG
Train length can be adapted to match the platform length Credit: Siemens AG
LED lighting, saving energy, responding to light conditions Credit: Siemens AG
Evenly spaced, double leaf doors Credit: Siemens AG

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Nish De That looks brilliant! The inside reminds me of the 'new' Metropolitan line trains which I think are spacious and comfortable.

Kimberley Winter-Sullivan Looks spacious and on trend.

Mark Hackwell Look really nice, think they need to start building them.

Omar Wadud I see already an Oyster zone 1-2 weekly increase of £100.....but at least we can be proud if the fashionable design.

Aaron Price For such trains to be developed and replacing the older ones. It means more money will have to be put into it. Sadly a large part of that bill will probably come from travelers themselves. Does this mean ticket prices will triple or more before it's given the go ahead?