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Cockapoo wins Westminster Dog of the Year competition

A dog belonging to International Development Minister Alan Duncan - a Cockapoo called Noodle - has won Westminster's Dog of the Year Competition.

The 11-month-old pup triumphed in the annual contest, pipping Simon Reevell's dog Harry and David Burrowes's labrador Cholmeley to the title. Noodle is just weeks away from celebrating her first birthday and is set to be rewarded with a special cake and a candle.

MPs walk their dogs during the Westminster Dog of the Year competition at Victoria Tower Gardens Credit: PA Wire
MP Alan Duncan with his cockapoo Noodle Credit: PA Wire
The competition is now in its 21st year Credit: PA Wire
Winner of the public vote for the Westminster Dog of the Year competition, Irish Wheaton Terrier Brodie, with owner MP Eric Joyce Credit: PA Wire
Pugs, Lily and Bo belonging to MP David Amess Credit: PA Wire
Labrador, Cholmeley belonging to MP David Burrows Credit: PA Wire