If you have £400k handy and you just LOVE the colour purple then this is the perfect property.

From the outside the semi in Middlesex looks pretty inoffensive but take a step inside and all of that may change.

The carpets, walls and furniture have all been perfectly matched to fit in with one very obvious colour scheme.

Apparently there is purple carpet throughout the house including up the side of the bath.

The four bedroom house, located in Hillingdon, is up for sale for the price of £400,000.

There is reportedly already a buyer lined up though - we imagine they must love purple, or be a dab hand with the paintbrush.

Even the house plant seems to have a dash of purple on it. Credit: Rightmove
The living room boast purple walls, carpets and cushions. Credit: Rightmove
The kitchen carries on the colour scheme despite being a smaller room. Credit: Rightmove
The living room from another more 'purpley' angle. Credit: Rightmove
The bathroom, complete with purple carpeting up the side of the bath Credit: Rightmove
One of the bedrooms Credit: Rightmove
The back of the property shows no sign of what lies inside. Credit: Rightmove