Lecturer suspended over homophobic rant

Dr Mark Walcott Credit: Newham College website

A senior academic at Newham College has been suspended after he was secretly recorded making homophobic comments.

Dr Mark Walcott is heard saying he believes gay teachers' sexuality can stop them doing their jobs properly, and that he's asked gay teachers to leave schools before.

The recording was made by another staff member who reported them to the college in April 2012.

But as recently as last month, Dr Wallcot was still employed.

The school has issued the following statement:

The lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall lists Newham College among it's Top 100 Employers 2013, but confirmed it does know about the issue:

James Yates is a former music technology lecturer who secretly recorded Dr Walcott's comments on his phone. He spoke to Simon Harris:

Below is the unedited recording of Dr Walcott, which contains some offensive material.