The brother of Carole Waugh said that the two men jailed today in connection with his sister's death were "greedy, evil conmen who don't have a shred of decency between them".

Carole Waugh was stabbed in her flat in Marylebone last year, her body was later found dumped in a garage in South London.

Today Rakesh Bhayani was jailed for 27 years for her murder.

Rakesh Bhayani Credit: PA Wire

Nicholas Kutner was jailed for perverting the cause of justice.

Nicholas Kutner Credit: PA Wire

Carole's brother, Christopher Waugh was at the Old Bailey today to see the men sentenced.

They will sleep easily in their beds as they showed no remorse at all. I just can't envisage any human being treating another human being like that. Right up to July the police did not take our concern seriously. They thought Carole was a grown woman, out enjoying herself with friends.

Chris Waugh, the brother of murder victim Carole Waugh Credit: Press Association

Investigating Officer Justin Davies took over the case when it turned in to a homicide investigation in late July 2012. He said:

The time it took for the homicide investigation to start up led to delays, in particular in areas of evidence that we would ordinarily look at. Bhayani and Kutner cleared out the flat which impacted on forensic and CCTV opportunities. Carole's lifestyle itself caused several difficulties. She was engaged as an escort, which is a profession where you put yourself as risk. You are meeting people that you ordinarily would not have met before.

Ria Chatterjee has been following the story.