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London Zoo celebrates birth of first ever spiny-headed tree lizards

The lizards are the first of its kind in an UK zoo. Photo: Zoological Society of London

London Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a trio of tiny lizards - the first of their kind to ever be born in a UK zoo.

The striking-looking spiny-headed tree lizards (Plica plica) measured a tiny two inches long and weighed just 2.5g when they first emerged from their eggs three weeks ago.

The lizard is one of a trio named Uno, Dos and Tres. Credit: Zoological Society of London

Keepers had been hoping that the adult pair of South-American lizards would breed, and were delighted when they found eggs in the adult enclosure on their morning rounds.

The eggs were quickly moved to the incubation room – referred to as the ‘maternity wing’ of the Reptile House - in the hope that they were fertile.

Named Uno, Dos and Tres, in recognition of their native South America, Team leader of ZSL London Zoo’s Reptile House, Ben Tapley said:

To say we’re pleased about the new arrivals is a complete understatement; they signify a huge success for the team here at the Zoo.

The eggs had to be incubated in very precise conditions, and took about six weeks to hatch; we’ve been keeping a close eye on them since.

We’ll be able to share the information we’ve learned from the process of hatching these with zoos around the world, to help others to breed these beautiful animals.