Drug dealer found with £23,280 in dishwasher ordered to pay it back

. Credit: Metropolitan Police

A drug dealer has been ordered to repay £23,567 after police found the cash, together with a stun gun, in his dishwasher.

Joseph Leslie Pitts from Eltham has been given 28 days to repay it or face the prospect of prison.

The 27-year-old was stopped by police in Sidcup in August 2011. A quantity of cannabis was found in has car.

Joseph Leslie Pitts Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police then searched his home, where they found more drugs, along with the cash and a stun gun. Pitts was charged with drugs offences in 2012.

The judge also imposed a confiscation order for £23,567.

The cash seized from his address will count towards this total, leaving Pitts to pay the remaining £287.