London's 'fatberg' tops Google's 2013 news search

. Credit: Thames Water

A lump of fat, the size of a double-decker bus, found beneath London, was Google's top news search this year.

The lump of food fat mixed with wet wipes and built up in drains beneath Kingston.

The 'fatberg' weighed 15 tonnes and was found after residents complained that they couldn't flush their toilets.

Here are the top 10 Google news searches for 2013:

  • 1) Fatberg

  • 2) Cory Monteith

  • 3) Typhoon Haiyan

  • 4) Fracking

  • 5) Boston Marathon

  • 6) False Widow Spider

  • 7) Cheryl Cole Tattoo

  • 8) Margaret Thatcher

  • 9) Oscar Pistorius

  • 10) Nelson Mandela

The False Widow Spider was the sixth most searched for new story.

In October, a man from east London was reportedly attacked by the spider causing his leg to swell. Ricki Whitmore ended up in hospital on an antibiotic drip.