Robber who sexually assaulted victim found by phone app

. Credit: CCTV

A robber was captured on CCTV in the final moments before breaking into a woman's home and sexually assaulting her.

31-year-old Raymond Yates climbed through an open ground floor window at the property in Forest Hill where his victim was sleeping.

By the time she woke up Yates was pinning her to her bed and threatened to kill her if she made any noise. He then fled through the same window after stealing two mobile phones.

The attack lasted one minute.

Raymond Yates was tracked down using an app on one of the stolen mobile phones. He was arrested on a bus in Brixton Hill about an hours after the attack on July 25.

He faces jail after being convicted of robbery, sexual assault and trespass at Woolwich Crown Court.

This was a particularly harrowing attack on a lone woman whilst she slept in her bed at home. The evidence shows that Yates was calculating in his attack, concealing his identity and taking off his shoes in an attempt to mask his approach. I would like to praise the victim who has been committed to seeing her attacker brought to justice.