Firefighters in tears as London's oldest station closes

. Credit: ITV News

London's oldest fire station closed its doors for the final time with emotional scenes set to a backing track of country music.

Members of Green Watch emerged from Clerkenwell Fire Station in tears as the very last shift came to an end at 9.30am.

. Credit: ITV News

The sad embraces continued as Johnny Cash belted out Ring of Fire on speakers provided by the Fire Brigades Union - alternating with The Bangles' Eternal Flame.

. Credit: ITV News
. Credit: ITV News

Mr Selfridge actor Samuel West added a theatrical touch as he lit a candle and gave the fire station a goodbye kiss. Mr West was one of a number of Islington residents who joined the fire station farewell protest.

Clerkenwell opened in 1872. The 57 firefighthers will move to other stations in London but the historic building will soon be up for sale.

Clerkenwell fire station as it looked in 1921 Credit: Islington Council
Rosebery Avenue in 1921 Credit: Islington Council
Firemen in Clerkenwell in 1921 Credit: Islington Council

Ten fire stations closed today as part of a package of cuts to save £28.8m.