Found collapsed in the hospital toilets, after days of complaining of being in pain, Lyn O' Reilly, from Tilbury in Essex, died in august 2012 as a result of "serious failings" at Basildon Hospital.

She said your wife's fine - and this was six hours before she died.

Lyn suffered a fatal infection after a bowel operation. Her family were initially told she had died of natural causes. After months campaigning an inquest was finally commissioned into her death.

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There just didn't seem to be any senior involvement.

And obviously they weren't experienced enough to notice what was happening.

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The coroner criticised the hospital, and described the standard of patient notes as "woefully inadequate" The inquest was told 'a window of opportunity' to save Mrs O'Reilly was missed. But there would not have been an inquest were it not for the persistence of Lyn's family.

They had to press the hospital again and again for answers. I became involved to assist them, requesting the coroner look at the case again and she then agreed to hold an inquest. But because of the delay it meant the inquest didn't take place until nearly 18 months after she died. That's not an acceptable delay.

In a statement Basildon hospital said:

We are sorry we failed to provide Mrs O'Reilly with the care she required. Since her death in August 2012 we have worked tirelessly to change and become a hospital which the local community have confidence in.

The coroner, called for a ban on junior doctors working without supervision overnight after it emerged a single doctor would sometimes be left alone to care for 130 patients.