'Complete wreck' of a home goes up for sale at £2m

. Credit: SWNS

A two-bedroom house which even the estate agents describe as a "complete wreck" has gone on the market for £2 million.

From the outside, nothing seems to unusual. But go behind the front door and you're met with exposed brickwork, tired floorboards and crumbling plaster.

Even the estate agency, Crayson, described it as "Wrecksville" and warned potential buyers that it would cost a fortune to renovate.

Crumbling walls and brickwork Credit: SWNS

But thanks to its location on the one of the most desirable streets in Kensington, West London, it was put on the market for £2 million.

Compare the price to properties elsewhere in the UK:

  • It's the same price as a nine-bedroom, Grade II listed home in Somerset

  • And, a collection of 37 properties currently being offered by one business in Manchester

  • A two-bedroom home requiring a full restoration in Bristol would set back a buyer around £100,000

Despite costing around 11 times the price of the average home sold in England and Wales there was no shortage of interest.

Many of the walls inside are exposed Credit: SWNS

The home is on Abingdon Road, just off Kensington High Street close to Hyde Park. It has two bedrooms and three reception rooms.

The back garden also needs a lot of attention Credit: SWNS

Crayson described the property as:

Remains of a fireplace Credit: SWNS