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Flood victims forced to organise their own evacuations

People living in flood-hit streets at Egham in Surrey have accused the authorities of abandoning them.

South Avenue, Staines Credit: ITVNews/Simon Harris

Residents of South Avenue say their pleas for sandbags have been ignored, they were forced to organise their own evacuation and thieves have been breaking into houses.

Snail in sweet wrapper life raft Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

The road is one of several streets close to the Thames where parked cars are half-submerged in the waist-high water.

Resident Stuart Brill said he had to rely on a relative driving 160 miles from Devon to help move his family to safety.

Colin Hall Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

Colin Hall, a 72-year-old who refuses to leave, was in tears as he told ITV News he was desperate for sandbags.

Another resident Keith McGill said he was furious with the local council because of the lack of help.

Keith McGill Credit: ITV News/Simon Harris

Mr McDill said the police had warned him there were "reports of pilfering" from abandoned properties.

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