Plea to football fans over missing four-month-old baby

Farah Afzal Credit: PA Wire

Barcelona football fans who have traveled to England for tonight's Champions League tie at Manchester City are being urged to be on the lookout for a missing baby and her parents.

Harrow Council believes four-month-old Farah Afzal is in the Spanish city with her father, Mohammed Afzal and mother, Zainab Rasul.

Mohamed Afzal Credit: PA Wire

The council has appealed for help in finding Farah after a judge gave permission for the little girl's identity to be revealed for the first time.

There are tens of thousands of Barcelona fans in the UK tonight for the big game. My appeal is to those fans to keep their eyes open for baby Farah and her parents when they go home.

  • Judge, Mr Justice Keehan said social workers had become involved because of concerns about "long-standing drug abuse" by Farah's parents

  • Farah had been permitted to live with her mother at the home of grandparents while proceedings continued

  • Council officials said social workers were told that Farah - who was subject to an interim care order - had gone missing on January 16

  • The girl and her parents flew to Spain from Gatwick

Zainab Rasul Credit: PA Wire

The evidence we have suggests that the parents and baby Farah have been staying in a run-down area of Barcelona and we are worried for their welfare. What is important here is the safety of this child. The important thing is for the family to return to the UK so we can plan the best way ahead together. I appeal to Mohammed and Zainab to do what is best for their daughter and contact us so we can talk this through.

The court is very concerned about the abduction of Farah during the proceedings. The proceedings were taken because of her parents' abuse of illegal drugs and their dependency on them. The documentary evidence filed raises real concerns about the ability of the parents to care for the baby safely.

Interpol has been alerted and a police investigation is underway.