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£1bn windfarm scrapped because of red-throated divers

A £1bn windfarm in the Thames estuary has been scrapped because of birds. The consortium behind Phase Two of the London Array pulled the plug because of uncertainties about a population of red-throated divers.

. Credit: London Array

More than 100 turbines were due to be built on two sandbanks known as Kentish Knock and Long Sand.

Planning permission was granted on condition the company carried out an impact assessment on the bird population.

. Credit: London Array

London Array General Manager Mike O'Hare said the study was likely to take until 2017.

There is no guarantee at the end of three years that we will be able to satisfy the authorities that any impact on the birds would be acceptable.

Red-throated diver Credit: Press Association

London Array has asked the Crown Estate to terminate its lease. Phase One of the London Array, which cost £2bn, began producing electricity last Summer.