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Cyclist causes chaos as app directs him onto the M25

A cyclist caused chaos on the M25 after an app on his phone directed him to Britain's busiest motorway in the rush hour.

Section of the M25 in Surrey Credit: Press Association

The misguided rider ended up pedalling along the southern section of the M25 in Surrey. It meant long hold-ups for morning rush hour traffic. One police officer tweeted:

The M25 is one of Britain's busiest motorways Credit: Press Association

A further Tweet read:

Nice chap but unaware of the rules of the road, believed it was OK to ride/walk on the hard shoulder - struggled to see why not. Genuine mistake I'm sure but could have stopped at bottom of slip road! Most children know not to stray onto a motorway.

One person caught up in the delays was Hannah Leonard, who tweeted:

My usual 40 minute commute to work took an hour and a half due to a cyclist on the M25!

Watch the CCTV footage below: