Parents forced to use up day's leave as teachers strike

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Jackie Pennant, an executive assistant in a large office in central London, was one of many parents forced to use up a day of annual leave.

Her two sons, Rohan, aged nine and seven-year-old Kiyan, were unable to go to their school in Catford. Jackie told ITV News she supported the teachers but regretted sacrificing precious leave.

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There's no one else to look after my children, it's either my husband or I that have to take a day off or emergency leave. It is disruptive in that respect and therefore you end up losing a day's leave You just have to do what you have to do. I agree in principle about why the teachers are striking. Maybe there's better way of going about it. Luckily a lot of people I work with have children of school age themselves so they're quite flexible in me being able to take a day off.

Credit: ITV News

Rohan had a different view of the strike:

I do like school it's good to have a day off as well.