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Pet parrot 'Wunsy' comes to owner's rescue during random park attack

A pet parrot came to his owner's rescue after she was pushed to the ground in a London park last week.

Rachel Marino, 25, had taken her pet African Grey parrot for a walk through Sunny Hill Park, Hendon on Friday April 4 when a man approached her.

The man grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to the ground with both hands.

Rachel Marino described her ordeal to ITV London. Credit: Ruth Banks/ITV News

However, 'Wunsy' took action by flapping his wings and squawking loudly to scare off the suspect who quickly fled the scene towards Great North Road, Hendon.

The man, believed to be aged between 25 to 35 years, with short blonde hair, was wearing beige trousers and a dark black rucksack.

'Wunsy' came to his owner's rescue. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Ms Marino and the parrot were unharmed by the assault, but the shaken 25-year-old told ITV London that the ordeal was "very scary".

"I just saw him in my peripheral vision and then he came on the path behind me and then as he got closer she kind of turned around and was just watching him and I was like 'It's okay Wunsy, it's fine, it's just someone behind' and then all of a sudden - bam - he just grabbed me round my neck.

The 25-year-old and the parrot were unharmed in the attack. Credit: ITV London

"It all happened so fast...she started flapping around and then he just sprinted off. It's very possible that she slapped him in the face [with her wings] but I can't see behind me so I'll never know," she added.

The suspect was seen heading towards Great North Road, Hendon. Credit: Google Maps

PC Chris Cutmore from Colindale Police Station said: "This was a random attack on a woman walking out of a park.

"Although the parrot Wunsy come to her rescue, we are obviously very keen to trace the suspect and prevent him from attacking anybody else."

Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 101 quoting reference 2407517/14 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111