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Mystery of woman walking man on lead solved

The woman walking the man on the lead has come forward to speak to ITV London. Photo:

The mystery surrounding the sight of a woman walking a man on a lead in the capital last week has been solved after one of the actors came forward to speak to ITV London.

After photographs of the stunt appeared on social media last Friday, various rumours circulated claiming it was a PR stunt.

But actress Eden Alexander insists the "open theatre" experiment was designed to test how Londoners would react.

The sight sparked confusion in the capital. Credit: @Ian_Jeffery/Twitter

"Basically I found it funny and I wanted to see the audience's reaction," Ms Alexander said.

"I wanted to shock them and make them feel different."

Passers by were left shocked by the sight of the man on a lead. Credit: Eden Alexander

Asked how people reacted, she replied: "Some people tried not to look but others asked if it was my boyfriend or husband, and some asked what he had done.

The actress recalled how one woman asked the man why was letting her treat him this way.

"One woman asked me what I was doing and I replied 'I'm walking my dog'".

Watch the interview with Eden Alexander on ITV London at 6pm

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