Collection of Banksy artwork to be auctioned in London

The pieces of art are set to go on display in London. Credit: Sincura Group

A collection of street art created by Banksy has gone on display in London ahead of an auction later this week.

Seven street pieces, including No Ball Games and Girl With Balloon, will appear in the 'Stealing Banksy' exhibition at Me London from today until an auction takes place on Sunday.

The art specialists behind the exhibition, Sincura, claim it is the most expensive Banksy collection ever assembled under one roof.

The group says it has not made any financial gain from the sales of the street art and does not condone any acts of wanted vandalism.

It also aims to ensure the restoration is carried out in a "sympathetic manner". Find out which eye-catching pieces will go on display and how much Sincura estimate they are worth below.

No Ball Games



How much is it worth?

£1 million

Girl With Balloon

The girl with the red balloon is believed to be Banky's most popular piece. Credit: Sincura Group

Where was it originally created?

Created in two locations: South Bank and Hackney

How much is it worth?


Liverpool Rat

The 'cat wielding the machine gun' has been eroding over the years. Credit: Sincura Group


The White House Pub in Liverpool

How much is it worth?


Old Skool

The piece features four pensioners dressed in hoodies and baseball caps. Credit: Sincura Group


East London

How much is it worth?


Sperm Alarm

Sperm Alarm was stolen but has now been recovered once again. Credit: Sincura Group


Hesperia Hotel in Victoria

How much is it worth?


2 Rats'

This piece of art was found in Berlin. Credit: Sincura Group



How much?


Silent Majority

This creation was produced at Glastonbury Festival in 1998. Credit: Sincura Group


Painted onto outside of an 'Overlander' semi-trailer at Glastonbury Festival

How much is it worth?


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