London leads campaign to save tigers in the wild

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With fewer than 4000 tigers left in the wild the battle to keep the species going is getting more urgent. London is a centre for the illegal trade in tiger skins and parts. But now the capital is also leading a new campaign to save these endangered animals.

A group of London artists are exhibiting tiger themed works to raise awareness and money to protect them.

  • Conservationists are warning that in just ten years, tigers could be extinct in the wild

  • Wild tiger numbers have declined by around 97 % over the past few hundred years

  • It's thought there are now around 3,500 animals living in the wild

  • A far smaller number than the those living in captivity

Credit: Sanderson Hotel

A new exhibition of tiger-inspired art wants to help turn the tigers' fortunes around, by raising awareness, and money to help fight wildlife crime.

The works are on show at the Sanderson Hotel until 18th May and have all been donated by London artists.

Credit: Sanderson Hotel

All the art work will be sold in aid of Save Wild Tigers on 20th May. Anyone can place a bid before this date as part of the ongoing silent auction which will run from the 14th to the 20th of May.

You can place a bid either online (by emailing or by visiting the exhibition itself and placing a bid at the Sanderson.