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Fire at Camden Market raises safety concerns

A fire at Camden Market, which could be seen for miles around, caused 600 people to be evacuated last night.

Fire at Camden Market

The flames, which started in a shoe shop, began to spread rapidly took 10 fire crews to extinguish.

Fire engines at Camden Mark

This morning anxious stall holders, who've been in this situation before,waited to inspect the damage. The fire is the second in six years and the cause is still unknown. Valentine Chime's business was totally destroyed.

The so called Great Fire Camden of 2008 caused millions of pounds worth of damageand questions will now be raised as to whether inadequate safety played a part this time too.

Damage caused by fire at Camden Market

Fortunately,like last time, there were no injuries and the damage is not as significant,but those affected will be counting the cost after yet another fire at one of London's most popular tourist destinations.