London dominates list of unhappy places to live

East London came out bottom of the happiness survey of 111 places. Credit: Reuters

East London has been voted the unhappiest place to live out of more than one hundred locations across the UK. Bromley was found to be the happiest neighbourhood in the region.

The index uses 12 distinct factors to measure how the British public feels about where they live. It covers the following:

  • Feelings towards your property (decor, space, contentment, value)

  • Your home (investment, well-being, pride, costs)

  • Your community (safety, amenities,recreation, neighbourliness)

In all, the bottom ten rankings of Rightmove's poll were made up of locations within the Capital.

"What we've done is ask people to rate their own area and created a model that crunches this data to give us an overall 'happiness' league table. And there should be no arguments with the results as there can be no better panel of judges than a towns' own residents!"