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Unusual gardens begin popping up around London

Whilst the Chelsea Flower Show offers Royal exclusivity - The Chelsea fringe aims to be entirely inclusive. 250 garden inspired exhibits dotted right across London.

Credit: Chelsea Fringe
Credit: Chelsea Fringe
Credit: Chelsea Fringe

The exhibits include this one below in the Chelsea Physic Garden - designed from the bees point of view - it offers a balanced diet of pollen and nectar which is a bees equivalent of protein and carbohydrates. Plus a new space to live.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

Well bees always build from the roof down so the dome roof is the structure for their honeycomb which can weigh up to 10 kilos when it's filled with honey and this is the perfect shape for them and the expandable section of the beehive allows them to have control over the size of the colony as they do naturally in the wild.

– Amy Pliszka, Designer

It's different from the Chelsea Flower show in that there are no medals no judging it's mainly free events all over London. It just embraces everyone inspired by plant related things. I just think the variety is great.

– Annie Gatti, Volunteer

A nothing could be more different than this virtual reality hedge at the Botanic Institute in Tulse Hill.

It does that by fixing image points and using the gyroscope built into your phone or tablet - clever - but it begs one question. What's the point?

What's the point? Well obviously there's lots of different ways to view things in this modern world and what we see is lots of people looking at their iPads and their phones and obviously it would be nice whilst you're looking at your phone or your iPad to see a great hedge growing through the house.

– Josh Heppinstall, Researcher, HEDGE