Freeclimber hangs with one hand from crane high over London

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A death-defying freeclimber has filmed the moment he dangled from a crane over central London, using just one hand.

23-year-old James Kingston broke in to the building site on London's South Bank earlier this month at sunrise, managing to evade security.

Credit: James Kingston/Epic TV

The tower is currently being refurbished and when finished will stand more than 150 metres tall. From the top, Kingston caught some breathtaking views of London at sunrise.

Once Kingston reaches the highest possible point he leaps between ledges using both hands and feet to balance.

He then hangs high over the capital using just one hand.

Credit: James Kingston/Epic TV

After the stunt, James Kingston said everything went to plan, and the most difficult part of it was overcoming the mental challenge. The climb only rook around around half an hour to complete.

Watch the video in full below.

Video courtesy of Epic TV