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Police investigate sign warning 'Do not walk you dog here! Muslims do not like dogs'

A sign telling pet owners to stay out of a park in east London because "Muslims do not like dogs" is being investigated by police. The warning appeared outside Bartlett Park in Poplar, and read:

Do not walk you dog here!

Muslims do not like dogs.

This is an islamic area now

An image of the sign was tweeted by local MP Jim Fitzpatrick.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Jim Fitzpatrick said:

The question is whether it was put up by the EDL to be provocative or by religious zealots to be racist.

It's another facet of intolerance, or, because there's no guarantee it was done by Islamists, it could be those in society who are trying to polarise and divide us

The sign has been removed by police.

Bartlett Park does not have any history of community tension, however we are investigating the posting of these signs and conducting additional patrols to ensure that community reassurance and confidence are maintained in the area.

At this time we retain an open mind concerning the motive behind the putting up of these signs.

We will continue to work with our borough partners to ensure that Tower Hamlets remains a safe and secure place to live work and raise families.

– Dave Stringer, Tower Hamlets Borough Commander