Giant octopus brings part of London to a standstill

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If you thought you'd heard every excuse for delays during London's rush hour, then think again. Oxford Circus was brought to a standstill on Tuesday morning by a giant octopus.

The eight-legged creature was passing through central London on the back of a lorry when it suddenly became stranded.

Transport for London warned any motorists in the area to "approach with care".

The huge creature, which is made of fibre glass, was being transported through London after being used as a prop in an advertising campaign by Betfair.

Despite the Octopus being used as part of an advertising and PR campaign, the "breaking down in the middle of Oxford Circus" was not apparently planned.

Betfair has said sorry for the problems it caused.

It's not the first time London has been left somewhat stunned by a giant creature. In 2012, Tower Bridge was forced to open for a 50 foot rubber duck.