Boris Bike challenge scuppered because the M1 was shut

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A group of cyclists who attempted to ride Boris bikes around the first stage of the Tour de France and back to London in 24 hours failed - because the M1 motorway was shut.

Andy Sloan, Dave Barker and Dave Parkes hired the bikes at midnight on Friday and planned to return them before the 24-hour rental period expired. They then drove to the Yorkshire dales where they completed the brutal 204km opening stage of the famous race.

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After 16 hours in the saddle they were driving back to London and were on target to complete the challenge before roadworks on the M1 brought them to a standstill. The team were then unable to return the bikes in the allocated time slot - which meant they had to pay a £150 fine.

Despite their disappointment at the setback the team have so far raised more than £2,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Credit: SWNS